Annabelle K. Frost

Annabelle Frost

As a kid, Annabelle was so inspired by her favorite TV cop drama that she spent afternoons recreating scenes in the alley behind her house. While she found chasing imaginary crooks exhilarating, she soon realized what she really wanted to do was be the person behind the camera, the one responsible for bringing all that great action and drama to the screen. 

Armed with a degree in filmmaking from Northwestern University and an extensive background in theater (having directed plays like “No Exit”, “Moonchildren” and “Beirut”) she moved to Los Angeles, ready to dive into Hollywood. Yet when other young directors flocked to features, she pursued television. Nothing else could compete with its thrilling pace or the simmering character arcs that were allowed to unfurl week to week. 

After attending The American Film Institute as a directing fellow, she worked on shows like CSI (CBS), CSI: MIAMI (CBS), ELI STONE (ABC), PRIVILEGED (The CW) and ultimately post produced several pilots for Warner Bros. (TROOPER, THE SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS & WIVES, TOMORROW PEOPLE) and Lionsgate (THE ROYALS) before landing on GOTHAM (Fox), where she oversaw post production from the pilot all the way through the series finale.

During her time on GOTHAM she wrote and directed an independent short film entitled “G[r]o[w]ing Up” which premiered at LA Shorts International followed by screenings at Cannes Film Festival & Newport Beach Film Festival, amongst numerous others. 

Next, Annabelle directed episode 414 for GOTHAM, all the while gathering awards for her film including Best Short, Best Directing, Best Lead Actress & Best Cinematography. She followed her first episode of television with episode 212 of GOD FRIENDED ME (CBS) which aired on January 12th, 2020. 

Both episodes came together beautifully due to the myriad of skills Annabelle has acquired over the years. From working with actors on the stage, to collaborating with cinematographers on her shorts, to developing shots with VFX Supervisors and reworking the cut with editors as a Post Producer. 

She looks forward to directing many more episodes of television in her future!