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Annabelle K. Frost

About Annabelle Frost

As a kid, Annabelle was so inspired by her favorite TV cop drama that she spent afternoons recreating scenes in the alley behind her house.  While she found chasing imaginary crooks exhilarating, she soon realized what she really wanted to do was be the person behind the camera, the one responsible for bringing all that great action and drama to the screen.

After attending film school at Northwestern University and getting her MFA in directing from The American Film Institute, she flung herself into the world of television production where she spent several years post producing network pilots and series.  Finally, during season 4 of GOTHAM, she got her chance to direct the episode entitled “Reunion”.  She followed that up with “BFF” for GOD FRIENDED ME, which aired this past January.

She’s looking forward to directing many more in her future!

Short Movie: Growing Up

Directed & Written by: Annabelle Frost

“G[r]o[w]ing Up” is a feel good piece depicting an elevator service operator’s struggle to fall in love – that premiered at LA Shorts International in August, 2017 and then screened at the Burbank International Film Festival & La Femme Film Festivals in September and October, respectively.

Growing Up Awards
Cannes Film Festival – Emerging Filmmaker Program: Official Selection
Back in the Box Film Festival: Winner – Best Short & Best Director
Best Shorts Film Festival: Winner – Award of Excellence
LA Shorts International: Official Selection
Newport Beach Film Festival: Official Selection
La Femme Film Festival: Official Selection
Burbank Film Festival: Official Selection

Growing Up - Directed by Annabelle Frost

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